PS5 Dev Kit Patent Shows Workings Of Dev Kit Both Inside And Out

We still don’t know what the Playstation 5 will look like or when it will be releasing beyond its nebulous “Holiday 2020” release date, but pictures of the PS5 dev kit patent have apparently been making the rounds. In the pictures, we see the workings of the developer kit both inside and out.

Despite being intended to work on a certain console, dev kits for video game consoles look entirely different from the actual console that will be mass-produced and given out to consumers. We’ve already seen what the dev kits for the PS5 looked like, being small boxes with v-shaped heat sinks on top.

However, we haven’t seen anything about the Playstation 5 yet, despite Microsoft showing off the Xbox Series X the first chance it could at last year’s Game Awards. While the PS5 reveal isn’t that far away (it was supposed to happen today but in light of the George Floyd protests Playstation moved the date in sympathy), it still hasn’t happened yet.

All that Playstation has done so far is simply show off the specs of the console, without giving us any kind of price point or showing off what games will be available in it on release. The delay in the console’s actual reveal, mentioned above, hasn’t gotten a new official date yet, either.

Along with the actual designs, the patent also has an explanation of how the dev kit works, in French (translated to English):

An electronic device includes a plurality of cooling fans for supplying air to a heat sink. The plurality of cooling fans create air flows which pass through the heat sink from a first side of the heat sink to a second side of the heat sink. The heat sink is arranged oblique to the left-right direction and the front-rear direction of the electronic device. An outer member has an inlet port formed along the first side of the heat sink and oblique to the front-rear direction and to the left-right direction.

If you want to take a look at the workings of the PS5 dev kit patent yourself, you can find the pictures further up this article. In the meantime, keep on the lookout on Sony and Playstation’s social media to see when they reschedule the actual console’s reveal event.