343 Industries Hiring For A New Halo Project

Microsoft has already committed that Halo Infinite will release alongside Xbox Series X during the holiday season at the end of the year. The next-generation installment in the acclaimed franchise is also set to be shown to the public next month as part of a first-party reveal from Microsoft. Hence, presumably, 343 Industries is just about done with Halo Infinite, which is why the developer has started work on another project in the same universe.

According to a job listing on the official Microsoft careers page, 343 Industries is seeking a senior producer to work with the main development team on a “new project in the Halo universe.” The accompanying description refrains from mentioning any details. Hence, it’s up for debate if 343 Industries has already started work on a follow-up to Halo Infinite or if the new project is a spin-off.

The latter could possibly be true. Both Microsoft and 343 Industries have repeatedly stated that there are a lot of untold stories in the Halo universe. Utilizing the full power of Xbox Series X could potentially help the developer branch out to flex creativity in presenting a new Halo experience.

Microsoft should be revealing more details about Halo Infinite as presently, the publisher has kept a tight lid on things. Last month, however, a number of leaked toys alleged some new information about the upcoming game. Brutes are apparently returning in a major capacity. They were last seen in Halo Wars 2 where they were the main enemies and before that in Halo Reach. Brutes were missing from both the recent couple of installments. Hence, they haven’t been in a mainline game in the past decade.

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