Are PSN Servers Down? Error WS-37505-0

What should have otherwise been routine Playstation 4 server maintenance has instead taken down all of the Playstation Network. While Sony Interactive Entertainment hasn’t actually announced the outage yet, multiple users are reporting the PSN being down for them on both Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 consoles. Users are getting a lot of “Error WS-37505-0” code which usually appears when user can’t connect to the server. The cause of the outage is currently unknown.

Most players that are encountering the error are apparently being told to renew their Playstation Plus subscriptions, even if they’ve already done that beforehand. You also aren’t able to see your friends or access the Playstation Store.

The bug apparently started sometime last night around 8 P.M. Greenwich Mean Time, and is apparently affecting players in Europe and the United States, though we don’t know if it’s affecting other regions at the moment.

The most recent status message in regards to the Playstation Network simply says that players might experience delays in downloading games because Playstation is working with ISPs to manage download traffic. No other information has been coming.

The Playstation 4 server maintenance issues likely couldn’t come at a worse time for many, with the vast majority of Playstation’s audience being put under quarantine and unable to really leave their homes and with little else to do other than play video games.

Hopefully the outage won’t last for very long, considering it’s already been been around a day since it was originally reported. But, at the same time, we’ll likely have to wait for a more detailed explanation from Sony before we can really understand what’s wrong.

Considering how many people are likely home playing games, it’s not a surprise to see that the Playstation 4 server maintenance would be dealing with increased traffic, with many people unable to leave their homes and digital gaming now more relevant than ever.

Either way, once again we’ll just have to wait for some kind of explanation from Sony before we can really know anything for sure. On the other hand, Playstation has already said that the Playstation 5 has not been affected by the pandemic.