Images For New Xbox Store Mercury Allegedly Leaked Online

Xbox Store Mercury images have apparently been leaked onto the internet without Microsoft’s knowledge. The new store design was only announced on May 30, Saturday, so that might be a new record for just how fast something upcoming got leaked. On the upside, Mercury looks pretty cool from what the pictures look like.

The leak comes from the Russian Xbox community Twitter account called @WinCommunity, and appears to have been taken from the store. The store had previously been accidentally shown on a previous Xbox Insider Program episode, but now we’re seeing the full thing with these screenshots.

The screenshots appear to depict a store that has had its design philosophies set by the Xbox Beta app and Xbox Game Bar apps on the PC, another way that Microsoft is attempting to meld both of its platforms together for better gameplay.

The photos do still show the Xbox Store Mercury app running off a PC when the app is meant for the Xbox, but if it looks good on PC, it will probably look just as good on the actual Xbox. The app is also still in development, so obviously this stuff is subject to change.

The new Xbox store is the latest effort by Microsoft to change the Xbox Store and dashboard into something more appealing, a process they’ve been going through for years at this point on multiple consoles. The screenshots, at least, appear to paint a good picture.

The Xbox Store being redesigned would likely also open the way for more Xbox-related apps and clients to get redesigned in a similar manner and with a similar style to the Xbox Store Mercury. We’ll likely be seeing the full thing when the Xbox Series X comes out later this year, but you can see the screenshots back in the rest of this article.