FIFA 21 To Release At The Same Time As PS5?

A weird rumor started cycling around today, claiming that FIFA 21 and PS5 will release at around the same time. This could mean one of two things. Either the next FIFA game will launch later than usual or Playstation 5 will much sooner than we expected.

The rumor comes from Youtube, with a video following the hints about FIFA 21 releasing around the same time as the PS5. Unfortunately, the whole video is in Japanese and we had no way to figure out what the creator explains without the use of subtitles. However, one thing is certain, this isn’t something that involves concrete evidence.

The only visible piece of evidence in the video is apart from the Playstation magazine claiming that “Development (of FIFA 21) is leading on PS5, which is exciting. Could FIFA 21 be the only place we’ll see football next season”? The matter raises suspicion as to what happens in case this comes out to be true.

At first, we know that FIFA is a franchise with a stable yearly release. Over the past decade, the new Electronic Arts football game releases in September. If the rumor is true then we might see Playstation 5 release in September. On the other hand, the development of the game could face some delays due to the worldwide COVID-19 quarantine. Either way, there’s something to be extracted.

The fact that Sony delayed the reveal event for Playstation 5 makes everyone expect the release date to be further down the year. A September launch date is unrealistic for a reveal in late June or early July. However, we’re shouldn’t be judging based on rumors.

There’s no official announcement by either EA Sports or Sony Interactive Entertainment about such a statement. We shouldn’t expect one nonetheless. However, the reveal event for PS5 might be approaching soon and it wouldn’t be far-fetched to expect FIFA 21 to make an appearance there. After all, EA’s games like FIFA will release with a free upgrade to next-gen consoles so Sony will have something to showcase on that front.

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