Destiny 2 Season 11 Won’t Be Delayed: Bungie

There were a few concerns that Bungie may possibly decide to delay the next season of Destiny 2 as well as the reveal of the next expansion pack. The developer has now confirmed those concerns to be unfounded.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, German community manager Maurice Zerjav announced that the next season of Destiny 2 will kick-off in less than a week on June 9, 2020. Bungie will presumably be sharing the complete schedule of when Season 11 goes live in all regions in the coming days.

Zerjav also noted that the companion app of Destiny 2 has been showing a wrong season countdown. All players need to do is restart their companion apps to see the correct timings for when the current season ends and the new one begins.

In respect of the ongoing protests in the United States against systemic racism and police brutality, a number of publishers and developers have delayed new events and content drops. Sony’s PlayStation 5 reveal, Fornite’s new season, CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk reveal, and Call of Duty’s new season for example have all been delayed. Hence, many players were wondering if Bungie will follow suit as well and push forward the new season of Destiny 2.

That being said, Bungie has only provided clarification about the seasonal content. There still remains the matter of the new Destiny 2 expansion. The developer had previously stated that both Season 11 and expansion will be revealed at the same time. By that count, Bungie will be revealing the new expansion around the coming weekend. However, there’s also the possibility that Bungie delays the expansion reveal in support for the protests.

According to a major leak from last month, the upcoming expansion pack will be called Dark Omens and will release in fall. Destiny 2 will introduce a new enemy race called the Veil around which an entire new narrative will unfold. There will reportedly be a couple of new areas to explore as well called Europa and the main Pyramid ship: The Calamity.