Microsoft Confirms 2020 Xbox Series X Launch In Japan

Microsoft will be aiming for a simultaneous Xbox Series X launch across the globe by targeting both the western regions and especially Japan.

In a statement recently issued to Japanese magazine Famitsu, Microsoft confirmed that the upcoming next-generation console will launch in Japan during the same holiday season window (via VGC) as the rest of the major regions. The renewed commitment suggests that Microsoft wants to make amends with the Xbox Series X launch and not repeat the same mistake twice as the platform holder did in the current generation with Xbox One.

About a couple of months back, Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox brand, noted that delaying Xbox Series X in any particular region will hurt Microsoft in the long run. He further stated that Xbox One being delayed in Japan by several months—almost a year—is not something Microsoft wants to go through again.

Spencer also noted that Microsoft has no “Plan B” for the Xbox Series X launch where new models are drawn up for a limited launch in different regions. Spencer made it clear that all efforts are being made to make Xbox Series X available worldwide during the holiday season at the end of the year.

As COVID-19 impacts the global economy and industries, Xbox Series X remains slated for an official worldwide launch later in 2020. Microsoft has not announced an exact release date or price point, but an announcement for either one of them or both is expected to arrive in July when another online stream event will showcase first-party gameplay from the upcoming next-generation console.

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