Borderlands Nintendo Switch Overclock Mod Pushes 60 FPS

The Borderlands Legendary Collection is now available on Nintendo Switch, bringing fans back to being a vault hunter. The game looks great on the handheld console, although the lack of high FPS does take a toll on it. Interestingly, there is a mod depending on overclocking that pushes frames up to 60FPS and it’s almost unbelievable that what we see is on Switch.

By default, Borderlands on Nintendo Switch offers an excellent version of 30FPS, which stretches to split-screen too. Wouldn’t it be better if you could push that to 60FPS though? ContraNetwork has released a new video showing an overclocked version of Borderlands which is playable in 60 FPS at most times. According to the uploader, this can be achieved by overclocking the console’s CPU, GPU and memory.

Of course, this isn’t something you should try as it can irreversibly damage your console. Pushing 60 FPS in Borderlands and pretty much any game on Nintendo Switch can bring up the heat too fast. The console’s fans can’t handle that boost for long. Even without overclocking, you sometimes can hear the fans “complain” under a lot of strain on the CPU.

Even for informative reasons though, the 60FPS version of Borderlands on Nintendo Switch looks like a match made in heaven. In the video, we didn’t have the chance to see how overclocking handles split-screen in the game, however, the single screen footage is quite representative.

Unlike Bioshock on Nintendo Switch, Borderlands’ cel-shaded graphics offer a seamless experience. The loss of high FPS is the only flaw that one can observe in this port. We might be able to see 60FPS being a norm in a later build of the Nintendo Switch. For the time being, Nintendo has not announced any plans for a pro edition of the hybrid console. Maybe a new build can tweak things up a bit.

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