Blizzard Under Fire for #blacklivesmatter Support, But Why?

When it comes to social matters, Activision Blizzard isn’t the best to be setting an example. The company has created a hurricane of backlash following their lack of support to Hong Kong during last year’s conflicts. Blizzard Entertainment’s latest tweet about #blacklivesmatter is a hymn against racism and inequality. Fans find this ironic. In the end, they have every right to do so.

If you’ve been following Blizzard news, you know about their stand on the Hong Kong crisis last year. Back then, the company banned Hearthstone player Blitzchung for supporting the cause. In addition, two casters had their jobs put “into ice” following the event.

Blizzard’s answer to fans’ comments was that “their gaming platform isn’t a place for Political Views”. That was back then and everyone suspected it has something to do with Tencent being a major stakeholder to the company.

Now, following the chilling event of May 25th which defies the basic laws of human rights, Blizzard comes forward with a tweet of support for #blacklivesmatter.

The tweet, which states that the company supports all those who stand against racism and inequality was badly perceived by fans. Most rushed to the comment section to remind Blizzard of their lack of support for Hong Kong.

The outrage was justified back then and the backlash is questionable yet understandable right now. It might look like ironic for the company to be supporting social causes now, but changes do happen.

No one questions the good intention of Blizzard’s recent tweet about #blacklivesmatter. However, the events leading up to it are what everyone questions. The company has made no further comments after the backlash. Both this event and the fact that Blizzcon 2020 has been canceled will produce some bad press for the company’s front.

It all comes down to David Brevik, Erich Schaefer and Max Schaefer, creators of Diablo in an interview last year. According to them, Blizzard has changed a lot that “has to appease shareholders”.

A company with such history as that of Blizzard should know better than to cause social outrage of that scale. However, we do believe that they can bounce back if they remember the millions that supported their games for almost three decades.

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