Valorant Update 1.0 Is Live, Official Launch Day

A brand new patch went live for Valorant on PC. With Valorant Update 1.0, you will find that this patch officially launches the game and brings it out of its beta phase. The developers added Reyna, which comes from Mexico and is the latest Agent to join; Sage, Omen, Phoenix, Raze and Jett all received a proper share of buffs and nerfs; and they also made improvements to hit registration. Below you will find some key patch notes regarding Valorant Update 1.0.

Performance Updates

The team rallied in this patch to fix a number of performance issues. Our focus for this round is primarily on the framerate dips you may sometimes experience in combat. Simpler scenarios, where very little is happening, may not see the same dramatic gains in FPS. Rest assured, we’re not done improving performance and you can expect to see more from us on this subject in upcoming patches.

Sound Visualization (Audio Attenuation)

We’ve brought in more sounds made by Agents under the category of sounds that display their audio distance on the mini-map via the white circle in Valorant. This includes ability sounds, reloads, spike interactions and more. Why? We wanted to provide players with the ability to understand when their noise can be heard by enemies and give them an idea of how far the sounds can be heard.

Introducing A New Map: Ascent

Ascent is a map set in Italy that features a large, open middle area that both teams can skirmish over. Mid is a playground for diverse ability use and successfully controlling the area opens additional routes for Attackers to both Spike sites. As our new map for launch, Ascent will be slightly more common in our Matchmaking rotation for the first few days so that you can get more opportunities to play on the map.

In other news, the testing phase of Valorant has closed with an average of almost 3 million daily players, according to data provided by Riot Games. Take note that this is a volume of users that places it among some of the most prominent titles on the market, such as Fortnite, Minecraft, or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Although the studio has been peppered with sexual harassment scandals at work in recent years, including the public complaint of lack of collaboration in the investigation by those responsible for the state of California, it seems that this has not affected their capacity for development, nor to the public interest.

Here you will find the complete list of all Valorant Update 1.0 patch notes. I remind you that Riot Games’ Valorant released as a closed beta title on April 7, 2020 for PC; and received an official release on June 2, 2020.