Superhot Rated For Google Stadia, Available Now

Superhot is counting its fourth year now and its popularity is still going strong with a release on Google Stadia. The game has recently been rated on ESRB for Google’s cloud console and will be included in June’s new additions to the Stadia library.

The ESRB rating for Superhot on Google Stadia doesn’t hold any surprises. We’re still into a T for teen description with minor drug reference and violence themes. However, the fact that the game is available Google Stadia now. Superhot is not the only game coming to Google Stadia this month though. We’re also getting Get Packed, Little Nightmares, Power Rangers: Battle of the Grid, and Panzer Dragoon: Remake.

In addition, Google announced that The Elder Scrolls Online is releasing on Google Stadia on June 16th, a separate release from the already announced ones. This brings the total library to 17. This number might be low for the time being, let’s remember that the console isn’t available worldwide yet though.

In terms of purchasable games, Google Stadia is also getting Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux¬†in the near future. The blog also makes word of Marvel’s Avengers coming to the console sometime this year.

Speaking with SegmentNext in a recent interview, chief creative officer Davor Hunski of developer Croteam stated that cloud gaming will undoubtedly become a universal standard as the industry heads into the future. Google actually worked with Croteam and was incredibly helpful in bringing Serious Sam 4 to Stadia.

We don’t know if Google Stadia will indeed be able to compete with next-gen consoles as soon as they release. However, this project will open up the market for more cloud consoles to release. Microsoft and Sony are already working for projects on cloud gaming so we might be seeing Google’s project getting a boost in the near future.

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