Is This the SSD Based Cartridge for PS5 or Same Old TOIO?

Rumors about PlayStation 5 including cartridges has been cycling around since last year. No concrete evidence has been given on that front. However, a patent renewal brings back the possibility of Sony Interactive Entertainment adding some type of cartridge to its next-gen console.

The cartridge patent was filed back in 2017, meaning that no one could have expected it to be about the PS5.

According to its description, the game cartridge follows a round design and a sturdy body, if we could say so. We can’t really be sure about its size since the patent doesn’t include much information. However, the size of a Nintendo Switch cartridge would be around the perfect size.

Is there any proof that this cartridge pattern links back to PS5? In reality, we wouldn’t expect Sony to drop the disks in favor of cartridges. Rumors claiming that there might be SSD cartridges for Playstation 5 have been around for more than 6 months now.

The last time these cartridge patents came to light, it was confirmed that these are for Sony’s TOIO console. However, if we look at the drawings, they do resemble and SSD and that port seems like something someone would use with a gaming system via cable.

The patent is about a “game cartridge”, which makes speculation even harder. Could Sony implement “mini SSD cartridges” for its games? That isn’t a far-fetched scenario although we can’t rule out the possibility of this patent being related to another Sony Interactive Studios project.

Over the past year, major Playstation 4 releases came in a file size of around 100GB, making its weight almost too much for a single disk. However, the possibility of those games being available in single SSD cartridges could be the end of what we knew until now. We know for a fact that PS5 games will be more expensive to make, so their retail production might be harder as well.

For the time being, everything about Playstation 5 is a “maybe”. The reveal event for Sony’s next-gen console was to take place on June 4th. The company has decided to postpone to the event so as to support the #blacklifesmatter movement, so we’re currently waiting for a renewal of its date. We’ll know by then if the PS5 cartridge rumors hold or not.

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