Serious Sam 4 Dev On Google Stadia & Cloud Gaming: “The Next Big Thing”

Serious Sam 4 is one of the rare upcoming games that will see a timed-exclusive console release on Google Stadia in the next couple of months. The exclusivity period remains unknown for now but publisher Devolver Digital has confirmed that Serious Sam 4 will land on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One somewhere in 2021.

Hence, only Stadia and PC players will get to enjoy Serious Sam 4 in 2020. Prioritizing the cloud-gaming platform over traditional consoles is in all fairness not a decision that many publishers would be willing to make. Google’s attempt at reeling in exclusive content for Stadia has been lackluster to say the least and as far as the players are concerned, even they have been questioning just why they should prioritize Google Stadia over other platforms.

Speaking with SegmentNext in a recent interview, chief creative officer Davor Hunski of developer Croteam stated that cloud gaming will undoubtedly become a universal standard as the industry heads into the future. Google actually worked with Croteam and was incredibly helpful in bringing Serious Sam 4 to Stadia. Hunski noted that after working on the platform, the technology powering Stadia is not only impressive but also “the next big thing.”

We have always been quick to adopt new technologies, especially if they excite us. There’s no doubt that cloud gaming will be more and more prevalent as we move forward. We see it as the next big thing, and we want to be a part of it. Google has been a great partner to us on this project, and the technology behind the platform is impressive for sure.

Serious Sam 4 is scheduled to release for Google Stadia and PC via Steam in August 2020 and as promised, will be bringing over intense first-person shooter violence. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases will not happen before 2021. The exclusivity period in such cases are usually either six months or an entire year. Croteam will probably be observing the former.

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