We Might Have Just Heard The Playstation 5 Startup Sound

Sony has released a teaser to show that they’ll finally be fully revealing the Playstation 5 on June 4, next week, but some are also pointing out that we might have heard the Playstation 5 startup sound in that trailer. Of course nothing is confirmed yet, and we might very well be digging too deep.

Every Playstation video related to things like games and whatnot has often been started with the Playstation 4 startup sound, an orange line turning blue accompanied by a soft “beep”. However, if we did hear the sound for the Playstation 5, it would be one among many.

The teaser has a large amount of various noises, chimes, and synthetic instruments going off all at the same time, but near the end as the DualSense controller came into view, there was a particular soft chime that rang and that might have been the sound we’ve been looking to hear.

Learning exactly what the Playstation 5 startup sound is might be seen as petty for a lot of people, but at least we’re learning something about the console after several months of it only having its specs to go on when the Xbox Series X has not only shown off its specs but the console and controller and games too.

The teaser that the sound might have been part of is, thankfully, promoting the June 4 event that will be showing off not only what the console looks like, but also its capabilities and likely a number of games that will be coming to the console as well.

You can still watch the trailer here and try and pinpoint the Playstation 5 startup sound for yourself, but if you really want to learn more about the console you can tune in on June 4 at 1 PM Pacific Standard Time to learn about everything the console has for yourself.