Destiny 2 Sound File Points Towards Possibility Of Next Expansion

Bungie has started to make players feel very nervous recently as they posted a Destiny 2 sound file onto their social media. While that might not be anything on the surface, the sound file has lines in the shape of the game’s pyramid ships, and is comprised of an unintelligible droning.

The Pyramids in question are thought of by many to be the often-alluded to Darkness that threatens humanity and killed its Golden Age, reducing it to the Last City that players have been fighting to protect since the original game released back in 2014.

Players got to see them for the first time in the post-credits scene of Destiny 2’s story, and had to encounter one face-to-face on the moon in the Destiny 2 Shadowkeep expansion. Over the course of this past season, a light map in the Rasputin bunker has been showing steadily-increasing numbers of pyramid ships making their way through the solar system.

The Destiny 2 sound file comes as the ships are passing Uranus, bringing them closer and closer to the furthest reach of Destiny 2’s visitable planets, Titan, a moon of Saturn. If this is in fact hinting towards a new expansion, we may be either fleeing Titan or fighting to defend it from a new threat.

Yesterday, Bungie had previously said that they would soon be going into detail on what we can expect in the next season of Destiny 2 and the series’ future, and it seems like this is at least one teaser of what we can expect to see in subsequent parts.

Many players have criticized Bungie the past few months after perceiving the seasonal updates as lacking, so if this is a new fully-fledged expansion hopefully Bungie is able to hit it out of the park the same way that they did Shadowkeep and Forsaken.

You can listen to the Destiny 2 sound file here, though you might want to turn your volume up because it’s very faint.