Remember To Get Volibear’s Free Skin In League Of Legends

The much-anticipated rework (and update) of Volibear finally went live in League of Legends with a new patch earlier in the week. To commemorate the moment, developer Riot Games will be giving away the new Thousand-Pierced Bear skin of Volibear for free to all players as part of a time-limited event.

According to the official announcement, the only requirement to be eligible for the giveaway is to own Volibear and to login before June 10. Those who already owned Volibear prior to patch 10.11 will automatically qualify, while those without can update their League of Legends client to the new patch 10.11 and unlock the champion prior to the aforementioned date.

Take note that players must exit and relog in order to see the new Thousand-Pierced Bear skin in their collection, which will become a regularly-purchasable skin for 975 RP once the giveaway ends. Volibear currently costs 4,800 Blue Essence to purchase from the store and 2,880 Blue Essence to craft from champion shards. Those running low on Blue Essence can simply play a few League of Legends matches to amass enough currency for the champion. There’s still another week to go.

Creating a free skin isn’t something we plan on doing for future champion updates, but in this case we felt like it was the right call. We hope fans of Volibear’s eldritch horror concept enjoy this one-time bonus!

Volibear was originally released in League of Legends back in November 2011 as the first new champion of the second season. His kit and gameplay became quickly outdated once the game evolved with new and better champions. As a result, the community picked Volibear (alongside Fiddlesticks) for a full rework last year. The new and improved version now features a lot of new tricks and fair to say, that new champion model is also pretty overwhelming to face against in the game.

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