Platinum Games Project GG, Everything You Need to Know

One of the more interesting games that has yet to really reveal much to us over the past several months is the upcoming Platinum Games Project GG, which has only had one trailer released for it back in February and has since then not really had anything said about it.

From what we saw from the trailer, Project GG appears to be some kind of tokusatsu send-up, as the trailer shows a hero growing in size to take on a giant monster attacking a city. The trailer also makes mention of some kind of invasion that humanity doesn’t know the cause of.

While we can’t really say much on the story at this point, we do know at least that Project GG will most likely be focused around fighting more of these giant monsters as part of the response to this “invasion”, though we can’t really say more than that.

However, there are a few other ways that this game could go. The Platinum Games Project GG trailer also points out that the game is the third entry in a superhero trilogy previously created by Hideki Kamiya. The important part is that it’s Kamiya’s work, not Platinum’s, being used here.

Before he joined Platinum Games, Hideki Kamiya was responsible for heading development of the first Viewtiful Joe game, which came out back in 2003 for the GameCube. The Wonderful 101, which came out in 2013, was seen as a spiritual successor, and Project GG will be the third entry.

Platinum Games Project GG will be the first game that Platinum has ever made that will not only be developed by the studio, but also published by it, and made in its newly-opened Tokyo studio. However, it will be a bit different from Platinum’s standard fare.

Rather than being a normal action title like the studio is known for, the game will not be solely focused on it, according to Kamiya, though he hasn’t explained further. Platinum has also given no indications of when they might give us more information or a release date, though the upcoming Summer of Gaming event might give them an opportunity.

Either way, hopefully Project GG will be a big success for Platinum, especially since the company has complete control over it with no meddling from any publishers anywhere. However, at the same time, it only needs to more questions about the identities of the other two Platinum Four, four Platinum announcements that the studio started teasing earlier this month.

The first of these four games was the Kickstarted Wonderful 101 Remaster, but we have no idea what the other two are after this. Considering the success of the Capcom 5 that the title is apparently based on, hopefully whatever other games are going to be coming will be just as big of a hit.