Minecraft Dungeons to Feature Microstransactions?

Minecraft Dungeons counts its first successful days but fans already count the days until the first wave of new content. This raises questions, as always. Will Minecraft Dungeons include microtransactions? If so, in what form?

We already know that Mojang is against microtransactions in Minecraft Dungeons. The team promised that there will be no loot boxes, lucky draws, or paid player updates. What you get with the game is the sole way to progress.

The essence of Minecraft Dungeons is the exploration and buffing up your character. Imagine what would happen if Diablo or Patho f Exile included pay-to-win elements. Hopefully, this will be the case with Mojang’s game too. If the team decides to include aesthetic microtransactions we don’t know yet. However, it wouldn’t make sense. Especially since the original Minecraft managed to make a name of itself upon strong non-microtransaction foundations.

Even without microtransactions, Minecraft Dungeons will include some form of paid content. There will be DLC in the game. The first two packs actually leaked a couple of days ago. The first Creeping Winter will introduce a new icy area and new gear we hope. The second, Jungle Awakens will follow the same pattern in a jungle environment.

There is no release for the upcoming Minecraft Dungeons DLC. There’s not even an official announcement so we shouldn’t be expecting them anytime soon. Whatever the case, it is reassuring knowing that the developer team intends to keep the game clean of microtransactions.

Minecraft Dungeons hasn’t even seen its best yet. The game will reach its “ultimate form” when cross-play arrives, allowing players on all platforms to play together. Such games need friends and being able to play with friends regardless of their platform of choice. Let’s hope that Mojang will prioritize getting cross-play out as soon as possible above the new DLC.

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