Minecraft Dungeons Camp Upgrades Guide

Your camp will be your home for the duration of your stay in the world of Minecraft Dungeons. Not only will it provide shelter and safety, but it will also give you access to vendors who can sell you equipment upgrades. Thus, we have written the following Minecraft Dungeons Camp Upgrades guide to help you get the most out of your camp.

Minecraft Dungeons Camp Upgrades

To start upgrading your camp you will need Emeralds, the main currency in MC Dungeons.

Therefore, your first priority should be of collecting as many Emeralds as you can.

Unlock Blacksmith
Your next move is to complete the missions as you are going to unlock different vendors as you complete the missions. T

he first one is the Blacksmith. You need to complete the Creeper Woods mission on default difficulty.

You can then buy random gear from there in exchange for Emeralds which surely equips you with better stuff for yourself and the camp.

Unlock Wandering Trader
You will need to complete the Pumpkin Pastures mission on default difficulty in order to unlock the Wandering Trader.

You can then get random artifacts from there in exchange for Emeralds. Wandering Trader resides just opposite the Blacksmith.

The Drawbridge
This location unlocks later in the game in your camp. You will find the drawbridge in the South, past the Nether Portal which too is an endgame and locked location.

You will have to go south from the Nether Portal and cut through the trees to access the Drawbridge.

You will unlock the location when you complete the story and open it up using a lever. There is a church inside the building!

How to notice upgrades
If you want to take a notice of how much have you upgraded already, you may visit your Home in the camp and walk up the stairs.

You will see the room slowly grow with new objects being added as you progress in the game