Marvel’s Avengers Will Feature Training Rooms & Remappable Controls

Crystal Dynamics has been hard at work to make Marvel’s Avengers into the most accessible game to release in recent times.

In a new interview posted on the official website, senior community manager Meagan Marie and game designer Mariah Robinson discussed some of the major accessibility features being incorporated in Marvel’s Avengers to ensure that everyone can “customize their experience to fit their playstyle, abilities, and environment” to feel like a real superhero.

While citing some examples, Marie confirmed that Marvel’s Avengers will feature a high contrast user interface to make navigation easier for low-vision players. Mariah chipped in to confirm that there will also be fully remappable controls, character-associated subtitles, campaign-relevant closed captions, and HARM Training Rooms to name a few.

Square Enix actually created and financed a separate division to ensure that Marvel’s Avengers had all necessary accessibility features as possible, even more than the usual. The task force was made up of several industry experts, including accessibility specialist Cherry Thompson who not only provided early feedback on the game but also did motion capture in a wheelchair to make in-game idle movements appear more natural. Square Enix was on point to help players with disabilities feel represented in Marvel’s Avengers.

The accessibility-focus though does not end just there. Crystal Dynamics will continue to add more feature after release if necessary. The developer also wants players to know that they can send their suggestions to on how to improve accessibility and representation in Marvel’s Avengers and if something sticks, Crystal Dynamics will get to work immediately.

Marvel’s Avengers will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 4, 2020. The game was previously tagged for release a couple of weeks back but had to be delayed in order to gain additional development time. According to studio co-heads Scot Amos and Ron Rosenberg, Crystal Dynamics wants to deliver “the ultimate Avengers gaming experience” and the delay will result in a more polished and original product that adheres to high standards that fans expect and deserve.

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