CD Projekt RED Announces Witcher Series Sales Have Broken 50 Million

CD Projekt RED released its quarterly report for the first part of 2020 today, and right at the start have made a big announcement. The Witcher series sales have broken 50 million, an enormous milestone for a formerly obscure video game series developed by a small studio in Poland back in 2007.

The news in the quarterly report comes from Piotr Nielubowicz, the vice president and CEO of the company, and though it was only a small part of the rest of the report, it’s still a very big milestone in the studio’s history.

When the original Witcher game was first shown off at E3 before it came out, it was nowhere near as grandiose as most developer booths, being just a small booth with the game running on a laptop on a table. Now, the Witcher games are seen as some of the best RPGs out there, and have made the book series they’re based on enormously popular.

The Witcher series sales being so big have, of course, previously generated a good deal of friction with the series author Andrzej Sapkowski, who previously didn’t believe that the series would be a success, but the increase in popularity with the Witcher has resulted in an amazing trilogy, a number of spinoffs, and now a fully-fledged TV show.

While the show is based on the books, the series did have a huge effect on the Witcher games, causing a massive increase in players for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and likely contributing greatly to how the Witcher series sales have managed to get to 50 million units sold.

Even though Geralt of Rivia’s journey may be over, it’s good to know that CD Projekt RED has made a lasting mark in video gaming with the Witcher games, and that the series itself has come an enormously long way.