Big Fish, Remedy Entertainment’s Next Project Leaked

Epic Games seems to have leaked Remedy Entertainment’s next game which is codenamed Big Fish. This goes way beyond your typical leak, as it comes from an original source. Is Remedy close to an announcement?

The news comes from EpicData, a database source tracing new additions and changes to the Epic Games Store. According to the original announcement files under the codename “Big Fish” were registered at Remedy Entertainment’s name, pointing to a new game coming soon. The entries are “DevGenBigFishAudience”, “BigFishGeneralAudience” and “DevBigFishAudience”.

SteamDB, a similar tool to EpicData has no such query so we might be looking at an Epic Games Store exclusive title right here. However, we can’t know for sure that this is a new game since we might be looking at a DLC for Control. Whatever the case, the chances of it being an upcoming game are high.

We already know that Remedy Entertainment is working on two games and either one could be codenamed Big Fish. Both in-development projects belong to the same franchise and are hence, set within the same universe.

In related news, a rumor wants Remedy to be working on an exclusive for Sony, most possibly for Playstation 5. As with any rumor though, you should take this one with a grain of salt.

Remedy Entertainment is a powerhouse when it comes to making games fast and efficiently so we wouldn’t be surprised if an announcement is near. For what it’s worth, the codename to pop up on Epic Store means that the studio is already working on it.

The news creates more questions than it answers since we don’t know what the premises of the game will be. Is it an Epic Store exclusive? Will it be a next-gen title? We shall know those answers and even more when Remedy is ready to provide them. For now, we shall settle for the codename.

Source: GameRevolution

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