Audio Assistant Can Help Players Complete Objectives In PS5, Suggests New Patent

Sony Interactive Entertainment is looking into a new kind of helping hand that goes beyond the usual tutorials of today to make games easier to play and complete. Naturally, this feature could arrive for PlayStation 5 or even be coupled with PlayStation VR 2.

According to a recently published patent, Sony acknowledges that players can sometimes find it frustrating to complete certain objectives, sometimes not even being able to identify the objectives in the first place. Hence, Sony is proposing to add an audio assistant or an audio guide that can be tailored to the games and players.

The patent filing notes that such a system will take several factors into account from both in-game and the real world. An attached camera and microphone, for example, can determine the emotions and speech of players and identify when they need help.

The audio assistant can then provide PS5 players assistance based on the location or section of the game, the difficulty levels of the game, the gameplay ability of the player, the objective of the player, and importantly, the inability of the player to complete the objective within an average time.

Furthermore, the audio assistant can be adjusted to either increase or decrease in the amount of assistance even when players are struggling. The provided assistance can also be adjusted to be either specific or not in case players want to cross the bridge halfway themselves.

Sony Interactive Entertainment in the patent, also notes that the audio assistant can be tailored to not give away any spoilers that may potentially destroy narrative or content from the latter stages of the game.

Take note that Sony has filed several patents since last year that point towards a Siri- or Cortana-like virtual assistant. The artificial intelligence-powered system has been dubbed by PlayStation Assistant for the time being and could possibly be able to take voice commands from the built-in microphone of the new DualSense controller on PlayStation 5.

All these patents are hinting towards feasible features for the PS5. If this audio assistant feature makes it way to Sony’s next console, it will definitely be a welcome addition. We have been digging these patents for any clues and hints and are curious to see how many of these potential features can actually be featured on PS5.

Sony is about to reveal more details about its console soon so stay tuned for further updates.

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