The Last Of Us 2 File Size 78GB, Not 100?

Now that we’re roughly three weeks out from The Last Of Us 2’s release date, Playstation and Naughty Dog are starting to give people more information about the game’s installation. However, the information we are talking about right now is about the file size.

Interestingly, another report claims that The Last of Us Part II file size would be 78GB and not 100GB as claimed earlier. It could also mean that the initial download will be 78GB and the rest might be the day one update. Or TLOU 2 will occupy a total of 100GB after the download and install? It think, 100GB is the occupied space.

Any way, there’s a lot we can take from this number, especially considering that 78 gigs is nearly double that of the original Last Of Us game, which came out in 2013 and took up 40 gigs of space. This likely means that The Last Of Us 2 is a pretty big game in every way.

From what we’ve seen already, it seems like the game is a lot more open in general, unlike the original Last Of Us game which despite having fairly expansive and detailed environments were still fairly linear. A game nearly doubled in size speaks wonders for how expansive it will be.

Exactly what is causing the Last Of Us 2 size to be so big, however, still remains something of a mystery, as we haven’t really gotten the chance to see much more gameplay for it aside from a few snippets despite how close it is to release.

However, Naughty Dog has said previously that The Last Of Us 2 is likely the longest and most ambitious game that they’ve ever made. The Last Of Us 2 even outstrips Uncharted 4’s 63 gigabyte download size, so that’s no idle boasting, and that game has some fairly expansive environments too.

We have seen in previous bits of gameplay that there will be significantly larger areas in the game, but we’ll have to wait and see just how much of The Last Of Us 2 size takes up in the Playstation 4 when the game comes out. The Last Of Us 2 will be releasing exclusively on Playstation 4 on June 19.