Sony Pictures Currently Developing The Last Guardian Film, Says Insider

The trope of a boy and his dog (replacing “dog” with whatever else a boy might bond with over the course of the story) is one of the oldest ones in cinema. Now, Sony Pictures is apparently getting into it. Apparently, the studio is developing a Last Guardian movie.

The rumor, which obviously hasn’t been confirmed by anyone at Sony, comes from an insider by the name of Daniel Richtman, who reported that the film is currently casting for four different roles, including the main duo of the Boy and Trico, who in the film is apparently named “Tree.”

Two other characters include Ariana and Ueda, who are two parents searching for their daughter Momo, who had previously been kidnapped by another Trico, and will serve as supporting cast members as they travel with the main pair.

The Last Guardian has had a fairly long and complicated development history, first being announced at E3 2009 and releasing in 2016 after a large number of delays and silent periods. A Last Guardian film, if it’s actually being made, hopefully won’t encounter similar problems.

The movie will apparently be written by Max Borenstein of Godzilla and Kong: Skull Island fame, so hopefully the story will be able to give Trico his moments to shine while also not overwhelming him in favor of the human drama like the Godzilla movies have done.

Of course, once again, this all depends on whether or not a movie like it is actually being made. Insiders have been proven wrong before, and Sony Pictures hasn’t said anything about a Last Guardian film. We don’t even know when it would start filming due to the pandemic putting the brakes on many other TV shows and movies being filmed.

If it does turn out that we’re getting a movie based on The Last Guardian, hopefully it’ll be continuing the recent trend of movies based on video games actually being good adaptations, like Sonic and Detective Pikachu. We’ll just have to wait and see.