Minecraft Dungeons Arch-Illager Boss Guide

The world of Minecraft Dungeons as you know is ripe with adventures and secrets. But the main antagonist of the game, Arch-Illager, stands between you and all the loot that you can farm. Here in this Minecraft Dungeons Arch-Illager Boss guide, we will get you through the complete boss fight as it can be a difficult one if you are not prepared and he can take you by surprise.

Minecraft Dungeons Arch-Illager Boss

Fighting and defeating this Arch-Illager, also called “Archie”, in the Minecraft Dungeons main campaign is the minimum requirement for you to access the church of your camp.

Now some things that you need to keep in mind are, it is preferable and easy to face Arch-Illager by having some friends at your side when you are playing on the default difficulty.

Though, if you do want to go solo then make sure to loot completely and carefully through all the previous levels by replaying old missions.

This is because if you go through all the levels once and face the boss alone you will be quite underpowered.

For that, make sure to get your hands on hard-hitting weapons and enchantments as they will help you through the very lengthy Obsidian Pinnacle level.

Also, make sure to have some artifacts that can get rid of mobs at once or some healing artifacts as well.

We fought with many different weapon combinations and found some weapons quite useful and effective, these are Lightning Harp Crossbow, Highland Axe and any armor piece you might have.

Make sure to have these items along with their enchantments and you will get through the lengthy Pinnacle Obsidian level very easily.

How to Defeat Arch-Illager
When the fight starts finally, with the main boss Arch-Illager, you may find it easy if you are well prepared.

In the first phase, Archie will throw orbs at you, make sure to get away as they can do quite some damage.

He will also summon some archers and axemen in the fight as well, so make sure to use scatter crossbow as it will very quickly decimate all the enemies and will damage Arch Illager as well.

There will be jump pads in the fighting arena as well, make sure that you use them to catch a breath and dodge the archers.

Also keep moving when Archie summons archers to not get hit by all the attacks at the same time. Keep dodging and keep hitting Arch-Illager and finally, you will take him out.

This will start phase two of the fight where the Heart of Ender Boss will come to the battle arena. This phase will be much trickier compared to phase one.

You will notice right at the start that Ender Boss is really fast, way faster than Archie.

The first attack is the flaming shadows trails that he will leave on the ground, they can hit you hard and take quite a lot of your HP.

He will also throw orbs at the ground and they will also have the flame effect on the ground so make sure to stay away from them too.

Then he will shoot lasers at you as well, these will revolve clockwise so keep dodging and stay away as they are quite dangerous.

In this round you have to focus more on dodging and playing safe to conserve your health as much as you can.

After shooting lasers, Ender Boss will create copies of himself and these copies will fire more straight lasers at you, followed by exploding orbs and revolving lasers.

Take the time to heal yourself and use the time when Ender is casting those lasers to chip away some of his health.

Now when you get rid of Heart of Ender, pick up all the loot that is on the ground and the next thing is to interact with Archie.

This will get you through a cutscene and after that, you will be done with the Minecraft Dungeons Main Campaign.