Deathloop News Coming From Arkane Studios Tomorrow?

Arkane Studios has just turned 20 and is celebrating its anniversary with some news. A recent tweet from the studio confirms that we’ll be getting details on their work tomorrow. As a result, we’re thinking that we might be getting some Deathloop news.

After 20 years of making incredible games, Arkane Studios is celebrating its long road. The studio is working on Deathloop right now, an action shooter under the publishing of Bethesda. The original plan wants Deathloop to be launching for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC, something that triggers expectations of it releasing in the next 6 months. However, Arkane is silent still.

Today, the studio has tweeted about the 20th-anniversary celebration, stating that we should look out for more details tomorrow. This could mean that we’ll either get some inside look at how the team operates or something more. By more we, of course, mean Deathloop. If the game is to release in the next months, this is the perfect timing for some news on how it is shaping up.

However, Arkane Studios has nothing to confirm yet. The team has also shown fans some canceled projects over the years. In a recent NoClip documentary, we take a look at The Crossing, LMNO, and Half-Life Ravenholm. Seeing canceled projects isn’t exactly what we had in mind but we can always hope for something real. Whatever the case, this documentary is a must-see for Arkane fans, so we recommend you watching how the studio shapes up through the years.

As for Deathloop, the game is still a mystery to discover. It won’t be long before we find out more about the game since it’s not that far from release. Since we’re not getting a proper E3 presentation this year, we might see Bethesda hosting a show to market their upcoming titles, including Arkane’s new title. For the time being, we’ll keep a close eye to the studio’s announcements to see if we get some new info on Deathloop.

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