Amazon’s Crucible Looks To Be Dead On Arrival

Crucible was drawing a lot of comparisons with several popular games out there like Fortnite, Overwatch, and League of Legends. The comparisons may have also been logical since the free-to-play team-based shooter incorporates elements from all of those aforementioned games. There was even a brief period where it was assumed that Crucible may be the first big-budgeted break for Amazon Game Studios ever since the division was created back in 2012. However, the ground reality and reception so far has been far from earlier expectations.

Crucible was released on Steam around a week ago and has failed to gain any significant traction. Since the release, the game has crunched (via Steam Charts) an all-time peak of 10,600 and a daily peak of 3,518 concurrent players. Crucible also has just over 2,000 concurrent players at the time of writing and is averaging under 5,000 players a month. The game is not even in the top hundred most-played games on Steam and in about another week, will most likely get pushed further down in the high two-hundreds.

Those numbers are horrible to say the least. Crucible took more than four years to develop and reportedly had a development budget of around $300 million to work with. The fact that many players are even unaware of a new game from Amazon Game Studios, and that too on a platform like Steam, speaks volumes about where Crucible is heading.

The nightmare though, does not end there. Mike Frazzini, vice president of Amazon Game Studios, once stated that the endgame of Crucible will be to gain popularity on the streaming side. Twitch, owned by Amazon, has a big say in this regard. However, the game has even failed to reach an online streaming audience. There are roughly 700 viewers (via Twitch) watching streamers play Crucible at the time of writing and the total viewership has been around 1,000 viewers since release. The graph is only spiraling further down.

Suffice to say, Crucible is a game that was dead on arrival. Amazon Game Studios will have to draw up new plans to sustain the game in the months to come. In its present state, Crucible will end up being another Battleborn but only worse since Battleborn actually had better numbers than what Crucible has right now.

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