Xbox Series X Pre-Order Page Goes Live, Pricing Reveal Presumably Set For July

The official pre-order page for the new Xbox Series X has gone live, featuring a handy guide to the “fastest and most powerful” next-generation console.

The listing is currently without a release date and a price tag, and the button normally kept for “buy” is replaced with a grayed out “coming soon” text. The listing, however, does allow users to register themselves in order to be notified for future updates, or when Xbox Series X is finally available for pre-purchase.

Since the official pre-order page is now live, Microsoft is strongly expected to reveal the all-important pricing in the coming months. There have been several rumors and reports going around about how the next-generation consoles will be costly. Xbox Series X, for example, is assumed to be around the $500 mark but a more popular consensus believes Microsoft to be going in for the killing blow by catching Sony and PlayStation 5 off guard with a $400 price point. In either case, Xbox Series X looks primed and ready somewhere in-between.

Microsoft will be hosting a new digital event in July to showcase first-party games in development for Xbox Series X. That will include launch titles as well, of which Halo Infinite has already been confirmed. Microsoft could possibly announce the price tag during the July showcasing with the release date to follow.

Elsewhere, Microsoft recently got done with a rather low-key Xbox Series X-dedicated game-reveal last month. Microsoft was supposed to showcase a next-generation gameplay trailer of the new Assassin’s Creed Valhalla from Ubisoft. The gameplay trailer though, contained anything but gameplay. The entire footage had mere seconds of actual gameplay that was cramped between cinematics and cutscenes in the minute-long runtime.

To make matters worse, the supposed gameplay trailer of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla even warned that the footage was just a representative of what gameplay will be like on Xbox Series X. Meaning that even those few seconds of gameplay are questionable. Suffice to say, fans were left disappointed as well as fuming. The backlash forced both Ubisoft and Microsoft to acknowledge that the reveal was a letdown, and a proper reveal will make amends in the near future.

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