Second Extinction Interview – Mission Structure, Classes, Crafting, Endgame and More

Second Extinction fast forwards to a time when humanity has to fight against mutated dinosaurs to reclaim the planet in an intense first-person war.

Speaking with SegmentNext in a recent interview, developer and publisher Systemic Reaction stated that Second Extinction is designed to be a chaotic mission-based experience that needs to be played cooperatively with friends.

There is no traditional campaign mode. Second Extinction currently supports up to three players in total and while going solo is an option, the blend of fast-paced action and skirmishes warranting collaborations will eventually require players to find a squad in order to survive the “evil” and scaly beasts.

We’ve build Second Extinction around constant collaboration and joint firefights against very tough enemies. So, playing together with friends is strongly encouraged. That being said, you can play the game solo, but it’ll be very tough. To have a chance, players will have to choose when and where to fight, depending on enemy threat levels, which in turn influence the game’s difficulty. Playing by yourself, a mission taking place in a certain terrain could be very doable one week, and then next to impossible the other. There will be no added AI support.

The “Extinction War” starts with choosing a character. Systemic Reaction presumably intends to add more resistance fighters to the roster before release but for now, each available character is mostly defined by their unique abilities and not weapons since certain classes share the same weapons between them. The abilities will be what players decide on to form different compositions. That being said, weapons are still core to the game and benefit from a crafting system in Second Extinction where perks further help to cater different play-styles.

Every weapon can be upgraded with a range of perks from classics like reload speed to more exotic ones such as flame rounds ammunition . Players only have limited upgrade slots, so they will need to choose what they want to take into battle. The choice is not permanent, allowing alterations each time they visit the armory to create the right tools for the job. The game caters to different play-styles that way. Players will be able to focus their weapons on their needs, whether that be specialization or a broader approach.

Taking down the dino-invaders will reward players with research points (experience) to purchase new weapons, crafting materials for upgrades, and cosmetic items, all based on the difficult of the mission in question. There will be other ways to earn rewards and level up as well. Second Extinction has the usual optional missions such as contracts and scavenging for resources.

There is certainly an endgame content design but which is akin to a rinse-and-repeat system. Second Extinction raises the difficulty of missions upon completion. Hence, players must defeat the same dinosaurs over and over again to progress in terms of rarity of rewards. That might prove to be a grind but the developer has promised to share more details about the endgame in the coming weeks and which should help clarify the matter.

The game does not finish in a traditional sense, players will need to complete missions again once they have leveled up in order to take on the harder challenges the game throws at them. The War Effort, a system that will constantly evolve the game also provides a dynamic difficulty and we will be sharing more about this feature in the coming weeks.

Second Extinction will feature a single gigantic map at release, split between green plains, mountainous terrains, and snowy cliffs. However, not all of the sliced locations will be barred of humanity. Some areas will have installations and industrial structures as a reminder of the time when humans reigned supreme.

The game will launch with one big map set in the northern tundra. The map is a condensed slice of the world starting in green surroundings down south and ending high in the mountains in permanent snow up north. It is a remote place, sparsely touched by mankind bar several key installations of military or industrial nature. Dynamic weather and time of day add to the diversity that players will expect from our heritage.

Second Extinction remains in active development for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. Systemic Reaction will be hosting a closed beta for Steam sometime this summer to gather all-important feedback, more details of which will be shared soon. Furthermore, the developer intends to announce a release date in the coming months as well. Second Extinction being a launch title for Xbox Series X though, seems unlikely at the moment.

As far as the release of Second Extinction on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 is concerned, the developer told as that they have “no  information on other platforms at this time”. Now they didn’t out-rightly deny other platforms but it most probably seems that the game is going to release first on Xbox and PC with a release to follow for PlayStation platforms. We will hear more about it soon.

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