PlayStation 4 Update 7.51 Is Out, Improves System Performance

A brand new firmware update released to download for your PlayStation 4. You will find that this is quite a small patch, as there is only one confirmed patch note. Take note that the download and install size of PlayStation 4 Update 7.51 (PS4 7.51) is about 470 MB. Thanks to this patch, the developers once again improved the overall system performance of the PlayStation 4. Below you will find the complete list of all PlayStation 4 Update 7.51 patch notes.

  • This system update improves system performance (PS4 7.51).

In other news, the first free June 2020 game is now available for all PS Plus members. This is Call of Duty: WWII, Activision’s war saga set in World War II and originally published in 2017. Unlike usual, this time it can be downloaded before June; The other game in the promotion is expected to be announced very soon.

This time PlayStation has opted for a new way of publishing PS Plus games. Although Sony usually announces two free games for subscribers with some advance notice and then make them available when the month has already started, now they announced only one of them specifying that it is part of the monthly promotion and clarifying that soon they will give more news of the rest of the games that they will offer for free with the subscription to PS Plus.

PlayStation has also announced the return of the Double Discounts promotion in the PS Store on PlayStation 4. As on other occasions, these are discounts in a selection of games of up to 35% discount for all users, reaching up to 70% for subscribers to this service. Make sure you go now to secure those discounts.

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