Minecraft Dungeons Enderman Boss Guide

Straight out of our nightmares, the Enderman makes a cunning re-entry in the curious and magical world of the recently released, Minecraft Dungeons. In this guide, we will be discussing how you can better tackle the fight against the Minecraft Dungeons’ Enderman boss.

The spawn of the void, Enderman remains as annoying as you remember him; fierce, fast, and dangerous so you will need all the help you can get to defeat Enderman.

Minecraft Dungeons Enderman Boss

Encountered as a mini-boss in the game, this dark entity with glowing purple eyes will haunt you throughout the dungeon until you deal with it.

You will know it’s here once a static-like effect starts to show up on your screen, and you will see the Enderman’s HP on the top of your screen.

We have made a brief overview of what you should expect during your boss fight with the Enderman and how you can better confront the monster when you first encounter it.

When you attempt to fight back against the Enderman, you won’t be able to get a lot of damage in, and the Enderman will simply teleport away. Shortly after, it will reappear as it attempts to fight you back.

The Chase
The Enderman is definitely faster than you are, and his long arms can certainly pack a punch if you make the slightest error during this chase.

Every once in a while, the Enderman will stop whenever he executes an attack.

General Tips

  • Keep moving during the fight, the Enderman will not be able to lay a hit on you if you keep heading forward.
  • Maintain your distance and wait for the Enderman to start initiating his attack, this is your window of opportunity to get some damage done.
  • Having a wolf or any other pet by your side can be useful, as they will tank quite a few hits by the Enderman, allowing you to get a few good hits in before the Enderman finally starts to focus on you.
  • Use either a melee weapon with extended range (A Glaive), or a bow and an arrow to keep yourself completely safe from Enderman’s damage.
  • You might want to clear out all the mobs present in the area before you start attacking. The number of other enemies can become overwhelming if not dealt with immediately