Minecraft Dungeons Difficulty Settings Guide

Minecraft Dungeons might seem to be a kid-friendly ARPG but don’t take it lightly. There is a reason that the game has three different difficulty levels and within each level you will also expect to find a threat slider. In this Minecraft Dungeons Difficulty Settings we will explain all the difficulty options.

Minecraft Dungeons Difficulty Settings

Even though the difficulty level is dependent upon your current level and tier but in case you want the overall experience to be much more challenging, you may opt to play around with the difficulty levels.

There are 3 difficulty levels in the game and you can only have access to the next level once you have completed the game on the former difficulty level!

Furthermore the threat slider, that ranges from 1 to 6 can also be adjusted before starting a new level.

The three difficulty levels are Default, adventure and Apocalypse. Before starting a new level in the game you can set both, the difficulty level and the threat slider!

Default Difficulty
This level is quite easy and so is averagely rewarding too! The threat level is also at a comfortable level which results in no to very few enchanted enemies.

Killing the enemies are also easy and they do not damage the players a lot! Subsequently, the rewards aren’t too promising as well.

Adventure Level
This level brings a bit more challenging aspect in the game! The threat slider goes up as well and you will expect to see more and new enchanted enemies!

The incoming mobs also damage you considerably more and are difficult to defeat but this also brings better rewards in case you pull it off.

Rewards are much better and you get access to certain artifacts and newer gear too. In case you are comfortable with default level  you should surely try your luck at this level too!

Apocalypse Difficulty
By far the most challenging level and equally rewarding one too! Enemies are not a child’s play to deal with! They will surely give you the toughest time in Minecraft Dungeons.

The threat slider is on the sixth level as well which results in ultra-aggressive enemy mobs! They deal a lot of damage and aren’t easy to defeat too!

You will also face a lot of powerful enchanted enemies here too! But in case you pull this level off, you will surely get the promising rewards it has to offer.

Newer gear and much better artifacts become available too!