Assassin’s Creed Side Missions Were Added At Almost Literally The Last Minute

Assassin’s Creed games started out as way smaller than what they are today, as the sprawling open-world maps that you could run around and do any number of things in. However, before all of that happened, Ubisoft ended up having to add Assassin’s Creed side missions five days before release.

The tell-all story comes from Charles Randall, who served as the AI lead on the original Assassin’s Creed game, took part in a thread on Twitter where responders were urged to share a horror story from their specialty in five words or less.

Randall’s words were “The CEO’s kid played it.” He went on to elaborate in a new thread about the tweet, telling a story about how the Ubisoft CEO’s son played the game before release and didn’t like it because he felt that there was nothing to do.

This, apparently, resulted in Randall and the game development team having to go into the game five days before release and create Assassin’s Creed side missions, hence why the game has those 60 Templars you have to hunt down and those various flags you need to collect.

Despite the crunch time, however, the sudden additions worked very well, all but one Templar who would sometimes just fall through the level, leaving players unable to kill him but still flagging him as dead, leaving you without one of the game’s achievements for killing every Templar in the game.

Considering how crunch normally goes, being able to implement these side missions in just five days is actually fairly impressive, especially since Randall had previously said what had happened afterwards was a blur.

These days thankfully Ubisoft doesn’t have to worry about a lack of Assassin’s Creed side missions, especially given how big their worlds are lately. The upcoming Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will likely have plenty to do when it comes out, anyway.