The Last of Us 2 Banned in Middle East, Why?

Playstation 4 fans in the middle east will be sad to find out that The Last of Us 2 is banned in some regions and not available to pre-order. The news arrived from a user who tried to buy the game but found out that it’s not available on the Playstation Store.

Apparently, there are regions in the middle east, in which The Last of Us 2 is banned. A certain user took to Reddit to provide an email sent from Playstation Support saying that him not seeing the game in the Store means that it is banned by “competent authorities”. This fact comes as a surprise since as sources confirm, The Last of Us 2 received marketing campaigns in the store normally in those regions.

What could be the reason behind The Last of Us 2 being banned? We know for a fact that it’s not about the excessive amounts of violence. If this was the case, we would see games like Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding also getting a ban. Many believe that this is due to the LGBTQ elements in the game. This is a legit concern since we’re talking about countries with fragile opinions on the matter.

We don’t know exactly what type of violence The Last of Us 2 includes for now. Some countries are strict about what players “digest” and when it comes to gore and sexual scenes, some authorities get pretty strict.

Whatever the case, you won’t be able to buy the game digitally if you find the game missing from the online store. There are two ways to bypass the situation. You can either get a retail copy of The Last of Us 2, which cannot receive a ban if imported. Also, you can change your console region and get the game through a different store, if this is something you’re confident in doing.

The Last of Us 2 releases exclusively on Playstation 4 on June 19th. Sony Interactive Entertainment will host a new State of Play this week. It will feature Naughty Dog’s upcoming title so we’ll be able to see even more of it. The game is officially gold, so we’re at the finish line this month.

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