Here’s How The Amnesia: Rebirth Setting Will Lend A New Dimension To Horror

It’s been seven years since the last Amnesia game, Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, was released by The Chinese Room. With a new game called Amnesia: Rebirth currently in the works, however, original developer Frictional Games has gone into detail on how the Amnesia: Rebirth setting will lend a new dimension to horror.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent, the first in the franchise, came out in 2010 and won critical acclaim for its horror scares and groundbreaking gameplay. While Machine For Pigs wasn’t received as well for a number of reasons, now that Frictional is developing Rebirth as a direct sequel, we may see quality from The Dark Descent terrifying us again.

This is all possible, apparently, by Frictional taking leaves out of their previous survival horror game SOMA as inspiration for the new game, along with a change in design philosophy. For instance, the Amnesia: Rebirth setting will not be as YouTube compilation-worthy as the original game was.

The horror will be a great deal more atmospheric, and the game’s narrative, rather than being told through bits of text and journals that you pick up, will actually be taking you through a story, similarly to SOMA and how you are given exposition and character development.

Set in the Algerian desert (the same one mentioned in Amnesia protagonist Daniel’s journals from an expedition that went horribly wrong and left him as the only survivor), Amnesia: Rebirth focuses on a young woman named Tasi Trianon, and her efforts to escape from an encroaching horror that will push her to the very limits of humanity.

Since Amnesia: The Dark Descent was mainly a jump-scare laden spook-fest, Frictional intends to make the Amnesia: Rebirth setting a great deal more meaningful, and with players able to really get invested in the story and have it affect them even through all of the scares.

We have no idea of when Amnesia: Rebirth will be releasing other than the nebulous date of Fall 2020 on the Playstation 4 and PC, so hopefully at some point in the near future we get news about it and maybe even a trailer and some gameplay.