Everspace 2 Preview – Beautiful Yet Deadly

Everspace 2, the sequel to the 2016 roguelike space shooter is currently in development and I had the chance to check out its prototype. Muck like its predecessor, Everspace 2 stays true to the SciFi genre with high-quality space scenery, a leveling system that a triple-A RPG would be envious of and easy controls. We’ll talk about those and more in this Everspace 2 prototype impressions article.

For starters, let’s go over what Everspace 2 is. The first title appeared on 2016, bringing roguelike elements into the space shooting genre without compromising what we already love in such games. ROCKFISH Games did an excellent job of creating a living breathing galaxy without making it feel too surreal. From what I’ve seen in the Everspace 2 prototype, the element of realism is strong with this one. The game will release on Steam Early Access in December with an official release on PC and consoles following.


Everspace 2 has some unconventional use of the classic controls, especially in its menus. However, after a few hours of gameplay, I found myself so immersed in using those keys that I didn’t question their intentions. Shooting, looting, and traversing through the universe is easy and works seamlessly. I did spend some time adjusting sensitivity for my mouse but other than that I found controls to be fairly easy to get accustomed to.

Everspace 2 prototype


This is the area where Everspace 2 will excel and I could already tell from its prototype. Since there’s not much you can do right now in the game since its a really early build, I got the chance to roam around and take in all the information. Planets, spaceships, freighters and pretty much everything looks so realistic, I literally lost track of time, pretending to be an interstellar trader. In battles, explosions, flying missiles, and debris add even more flair and that’s something everyone will appreciate on release.

Everspace 2 prototype

What I would want beyond what’s already in the Everspace 2 prototype is the opportunity to fly low on planets and admire the graphics below the atmosphere. Right now, there’s no option to approach a planet, let alone land on one. This feature will be available later on and ROCKFISH Games has already showcased it in one of their frequent video updates. I’d also love to see some of those cyberpunk-y areas shown in the announcement trailer. However, this is an early version of the final game and so far, everything looks great. You can’t go wrong with graphics in this game.


The Everspace 2 prototype isn’t robust in terms of gameplay but what I’ve seen is indeed representative of the original project. There are no quests, I only got some quest lines popping up upon approaching structures. Some lead to a few tasks, like destroying specific parts of a base, which is only indicative for the time being. Even without the quests though, the gameplay is really promising.

Everspace 2 prototype

I’ve spent a few hours battling drones, destroying outlaw bases, and leveling up, almost so that I forgot about the roguelike elements. Opening up my inventory for the first time was like a birthday since each part you change poses as a significant upgrade to your overall dogfighting experience. My latest space fighting game was No Man’s Sky so Everspace 2 was a great escape in that department. I found space shooting in this game to be super smooth and I would play it even without its roguelike character. However the latter is where it shines. I can’t wait to get my hands on the finished game and start creating a legacy of my ship.


Undeniably, the Everspace 2 prototype is far from the finished product. However, this early build shows what ROCKFISH Games can do when they believe in an IP. I can agree that its character is narrowed down and people that don’t love space fighting or roguelike games might not fall in love with it. For those who do though, the excitement is bound to take presence.

There’s one thing that I’m worried about after playing the prototype and is its file size. With an early build of the game, I had to download a few GB of files. Imagine what having to download interstellar, planetary and particle files would cost. If ROCKFISH Games already has a plan for that aspect of the game, we’ll be more than happy.

Overall, my experience with Everspace 2 prototype is more than positive. Being a roguelike lover, I could appreciate the RPG elements and the love put into making those organic to the game’s character. Also, its space shooting mechanics left me completely satisfied since I’m not that accustomed to such games. In the graphics department, the final game will have nothing to be jealous of triple-A games.

You’ll be stunned with how good the game looks. If the developers manage to make this world dense with things to do and all wrapped under an enticing story, we’ll be looking at a stellar launch. For the time being, A for effort and crossed fingers for the official release.

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