How to Unlock Flashback SBC Premium Allan in FIFA 20

If you’re playing FIFA 20 attempting to collect all of the different player cards that will allow you to use certain players, you’re in luck. EA Sports has announced that they’re unlocking the squad building challenges that will let players use the Flashback SBC Premium Allan player in the game.

Allan is a Brazilian midfielder who has nevertheless distinguished himself in real life play enough to earn his place on one of the Flashback cards, which are reserved for players who have distinguished themselves in a certain vintage or competition.

Earning the Allan card is actually fairly simple, as all you have to do is complete the Squad Building Challenge that will let you get his card. The card for Allan is intended to celebrate his inclusion in the FIFA 19 Team of the Season, celebrating the best players of that year.

The challenge requirements that you need to complete to get the Flashback SBC Premium Allan card are as follows. You have to have at least one player from Brazil, have a team rating of at least 85, a minimum team chemistry of 65, and have 11 players in the squad.

Attempting to get Allan might be somewhat difficult depending on the number of players you have that might allow you to get to the desired points of team chemistry and team rating, not to mention having a player that’s from Brazil.

Hopefully doing all of this in order to get the card to begin with ends up being worth it for you, since due to his rating a Flashback SBC Premium Allan could be quite the asset to any sort of team you try to build, Ultimate Team or otherwise.

The squad building challenge to get Allan should be available now, so if you’ve been looking for an opportunity for you to try and get another player, now’s a good time to go for it.