Valorant Releases Next Month With New Mode, Map, Agent

Valorant, previously slated for a release in summer, will now officially launch in “majority of regions worldwide” in just over a week on June 2, 2020.

According to an announcement made earlier today, the ongoing closed beta of Valorant will come to an end in the coming days. Riot Games has confirmed that prior to the release, all player-accounts will be completely reset as well to provide a level playing field for the community. Take note that ranks, matchmaking ratings, characters, cosmetics, and such, will all be taken away from those who have been actively taking part in the closed beta.

Valorant was announced last year with the promise of 128-tick servers and a global spread of data centers to ensure low latencies, something crucial for competitive first-person shooters. However, Valorant will only fulfill that promise in limited capacity at launch. “For regions like Vietnam, we won’t be able to launch just yet, and for regions like India and the Middle East, we have future plans for you but for now will be mapping you to the SEA and EU servers, respectively,” said the developer. Hence, Valorant will still offer high latencies, or at least the same latencies as players currently get in League of Legends.

Recently, Riot Games confirmed that Valorant will not support cross-region play, at least at the start. The subject is under consideration and cross-play between different regions may become a possibility down the road. However, for the time being, players will be restricted to the regions they choose.

Valorant will be free to play on PC and feature a new game mode, map, and agent at launch. Riot Games will be presumably adding more content as well soon after going live. More information will be provided soon, including the patch notes of a massive day-one update.

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