RPGs Got A Massive Buff In Call Of Duty: Warzone

Infinity Ward had previously promised that RPGs would be nerfed as part of a larger update inbound for Call of Duty: Warzone. That hefty update arrived last week and while the patch notes did mention a nerf, the downright menacing RPGs actually received one of the biggest buffs in reality.

Earlier today, well-known Call of Duty weapon analyst TheXclusiveAce published a new video to reveal what Infinity Ward did to RPGs with the latest patch. Based on extensive testing, the only nerf was in the reduction of the damage/impact radius from ten to nine meters. However, at the same time, the maximum damage on non-direct hits within the same radius was increased from 150 to 250, and the minimum damage on non-direct hits went up from 30 to 50 as well.

For players, that means doing more damage than before and effectively downing a fully-armored enemy or enemies by just firing an RPG in their general direction. The concerning part is that these changes were never revealed in the patch notes or by Infinity Ward.

Pretty much every squad is running RPGs right now in Warzone. In fact, most squads tend to RPG an entire building of enemies from the outside rather than try the same with conventional weaponry. They are not only accurate at long distances but also their greater explosive area makes sure that a single rocket can down multiple players within the affected radius. Warzone does feature an E.O.D perk to reduce the damage from explosives but frankly, the perk does little against continuous RPG firing.

There have been several solutions put forward by players such as reducing the amount of rockets a player can carry, increasing the reload times between each fire, and of course, reducing the overall damage. Perhaps Infinity Ward will consider addressing the situation in the coming days since the cat is now out of the bag.

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