Can Project Awakening be Launch Title for PlayStation 5?

Several years ago, Playstation released a trailer for what appeared to be a Dark Souls-like RPG called Project Awakening, and said that it was going to be coming out in 2018. With a new Playstation console coming out soon, however, the possibility has come up that it may be a Playstation 5 launch title.

This possibility has come up through at least one Reddit conversation, where the poster suggested that Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan was helping the studio actually get the game ready to release. However, it’s still just suggestions and speculation right now.

We know pretty much nothing about the game other than that trailer or the gameplay, making it similar to Deep Down, another fantasy RPG that despite being announced years ago (seven years in Deep Down’s case) has yet to materialize.

Of course, we haven’t heard anything about Awakening either. While the gameplay looked interesting, featuring the protagonist fighting a drake around a collection of ruins that along with looking very visually impressive had an interesting amount of verticality in the fight.

The possibility of it being a surprise launch title on the Playstation 5 would definitely be a welcome addition for people that were actually interested in Project Awakening, and considering how good it looks, the Playstation 5 might be a good way to actually get the game back into the public eye.

Of course, since we haven’t heard anything about the game from developer Cygames right now, there’s also a significant chance that we still might not see it and Cygames has dropped the game in general even if there hasn’t been announcement of it being cancelled.

The trademark is likely still under Cygames’ control at least, but all the same we won’t see if Project Awakening is actually on the Playstation 5 until Playstation actually shows off the games that the Playstation 5 will have on launch.