Take-Two Judas Project Is Back, Trademark Renewed

After many years of silence, Take-Two’s Judas project is back on the table. A recently filed trademark under the name “JUDAS” proves that the project is not scrapped, although we don’t know what it might be about. It might be a long road before we find out for ourselves.

The trademark first surfaced back in 2016, with Rockstar and Take-Two being the applicants. Back then, speculations wanted the companies to be working on a new project besides Grand Theft Auto. We never got any more information though, so the project was buried under snow for many years.

On May 11th, Take-Two updated the Judas trademark, bringing the speculations back again. Is it Rockstar’s next project after Grand Theft Auto 6? It’s a common secret now that GTA 6 is under development and that it might be coming in less than a couple of years. If the company is registering an old trademark again, we could be facing the return of an old idea. Could it be that Judas was an ambitious project not on par with platform requirements? Given the huge leap in technology, now could be the perfect timing for this “Judas” project to make its appearance.

Some speculate that Judas is a reference to Judas Iscariot, a notorious figure in the Christian religion. It could be a metaphor for betrayal and a “friends turn to foes” scenario. However, it could also be just a code name just as we see happen in the industry all the time.

While we don’t 100% know that Judas is a game under the publishing of Take-Two, everything points to that. If this is the case, then we are looking at a next-generation game, coming to Xbox Series X and Playstation 5.

For the time being, we’re all impatiently waiting for some news on Grand Theft Auto 6. The fact that its predecessor GTA 5 is now available for free through the Epic Store is one more reason why we might be close to a teaser. As for Judas, it might be years before we find out for sure what this code name is about.