Head of Rogue Planet Games Talks About Planetside 2 Future Plans, Player Count and More

PlanetSide 2 has been around as a free-to-play massively multiplayer online first-person shooter for nearly eight long years and is still crunching impressive numbers. It would be normal to lose traction after such a long period of release. However, thanks to the recent Escalation update, PlanetSide 2 has witnessed a record surge in player-activity.

Speaking with SegmentNext in a recent interview, Andy Sites, head of Rogue Planet Games and executive producer of the PlanetSide franchise, stated that over 16 million players have “joined the fight” since the game was released back in November 2012. The current daily active player-count of PlanetSide 2 is three times higher prior to the Escalation update and the highest in well over four years. Sites also categorically stated that Escalation was supposed to revive the player-activity but the results have so far exceeded all previously set expectations.

As such, developer Rogue Planet Games is committed to bring “several years of excitement” to PlanetSide 2 in the form of additional content support. Sites noted that Rogue Planet Games would love to have Escalation-like updates at least twice a year with smaller updates every couple of months. Some new ideas like new game systems and features for vehicles are already in the pipelines. However, while Rogue Planet Games remains fully focused on the franchise, nothing is to be shared about a PlanetSide 3 at the moment.

After so many years, do numbers support the fact that Planetside 2 is still relevant? Can you share with us some current stats about the game?
Absolutely. While Planetside 2 could be considered a niche game, we’ve had over 16mm players join the fight since we launched back in November of 2012. What’s most exciting to me is that after our recent launch of the Escalation update, we’re once again hitting levels that we’ve not seen in literally years. Our peak CCU (concurrent users in-game) is the highest since March of 2014, our daily active user counts are 3x higher than prior to the Escalation release and their highest in over 4 years. We had high hopes for the Escalation update, but the results far exceeded our expectations.

How long is Planetside 2 going to stay active?
Well, now that Planetside 2 is in its 8th year since launch, and seeing the results of our recent game updates, I would say that there are still several years of excitement to come in PS2 alone. With regard to Planetside 3.

What sort of future content can we expect to have for PlanetSide 2? Do you guys have a timeline?
Quite a variety actually; ranging from new game systems to new vehicles to the planet of Auraxis changing as we know it today. In terms of timelines, now that we have been able to more than triple the team size compares to just 6 months ago, we plan to release new features and content quite frequently. Escalation, which was the largest game update since the launch of Planetside 2, was the scope that we would like to hit twice per year. With smaller “themed” releases every 4-6 weeks, like our April “Tactical Loadout” update, which was published just 5 weeks after Escalation launched.

Do you guys plan to work on any other game except for PlanetSide?
Not at the moment. With the inception of Rogue Planet Games, our studio is 100% focused on the Planetside franchise.

How has the split of Daybreak Games and establishment of Rogue Planet games affected the overall processes In the Studio? Have you guys hired new people?
I would say that the two most significant changes are our ability to focus solely on Planetside 2 without fear of having key team members pulled over to other non-Planetside games, as well as the creative autonomy that Daybreak has allowed us, beginning with the Escalation release. Everyone at RPG is fully committed to Planetside, and Daybreak knows that. Escalation is a prime example of giving a talented, passionate team the latitude to deliver their vision.