Title Of Most Popular Polish Athlete Is Between League Of Legends And Football

In case you needed to know something weird today, apparently the title of Most Popular Polish Athlete is currently between competitive League of Legends player Ɓukasz “Puki Style” Zygumnciak and Polish football player Robert Lewandowski. This is likely due to the organization of Zygumnciak’s fanbase vote-bombing the process to win.

The contest originally started on the TV station TVP Sport, which began to hold a contest to determine who was the most popular athlete in the country. The most popular athletes were divided into four groups, facing off against one another until only one remained.

To many people’s surprise, Zygumnciak was able to beat not just his group, but all of the other athletes that he went up against. Along with that, he is also in the lead on voting with 8- percent of the votes cast, most likely due to vote-bombing from his fanbase.

This has, of course, caused a lot of debate among the voters. Esports are still in their infancy and dismissed by many in the world as not being a “real” sport, so many say that a League of Legends player shouldn’t be in the most popular Polish athlete contest at all.

Of course, the fact that Zygumnciak is winning to begin with likely means that there are significantly more Polish League of Legend fans than there are traditional sports fans, or that they’re at least more organized.

As the voting has gone on, Zygumnciak and his team, K1ck, have been invited to interviews by journalists, allowing them to talk more about League of Legends and increase awareness about the game, so it’s not all bad, from a League player’s perspective at least.

So, even if Zygumnciak does turn out to be the most popular Polish athlete with the results of this poll, this is just another symptom of how big esports are getting.