Sony-Microsoft Partnership On Cloud Gaming Is “Very Strong”

Over the past year, Sony and Microsoft have been partnering up for cloud gaming, bringing innovation to the supposed next era of videogames. Lately, Sony’s executive vice president talked about their relationship with Microsoft on the subject. He claims that their partnership will “be very strong”.

The statement comes from the latest Corporate Strategy Meeting Sony hosted in Tokyo. Amongst others, Sony talked about cloud gaming and how its partnership with Microsoft is shaping up.

According to executive vice president Toru Katsumoto, the partnership between the two companies will be “very strong”. This is great news considering the fact that in the world of video games Sony and Microsoft are the “two battling giants”.

The partnership is mutually beneficial since Sony’s expertise and Microsoft’s Azure make the perfect combination for cloud gaming. Last year,  Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida talked about cloud gaming, saying it isn’t appreciated enough yet.

That’s because the players don’t feel like it’s a necessity. As it seems, the company has made a plan to make cloud gaming work in the long run. It will be interesting to see if Playstation 5 will get the benefits of what the companies are working on right now.

In related Sony Interactive Entertainment news, the company clears out the air about the launch of Playstation 5 in the “time of quarantine”. The company releases a statement stating that PS4 software sales and subscriber numbers have risen significantly.

In addition, we shouldn’t worry about PS5 since its release date continues being during the winter holidays. During the recent corporate meeting, Sony revealed that Playstation Now has also reached over 2.2 million units by April 2020. We can’t wait to see how they plan on the market the feature better when PS5 releases since we still don’t have a solid cloud gaming solution.