FromSoftware Finally Mentions Elden Ring, Not What Fans Wanted

Remember back in June of last year when Elden Ring was first announced? After the sadness that Dark Souls is over, its first trailer was the closest we got to a dark twisted From Software game. After that, silence. Luckily, the studio tweeted about the game today and we can start getting hyped all over again. At least we know the project is still on track.

The news on Elden Ring comes from the studio’s Twitter profile. In a recent tweet about the Dark Souls series selling over 27 million copies, FromSoftware keeps Elden Ring alive by saying it is in development. Did you expect more? We did too. We could at least have a word or two about the project. Even a new image would suffice. However, we just know that the game is “currently in development”.

Even though FromSoftware is silent about Elden Ring, its community won’t stay still. Forums are overflowed with expectations, rumors, and such while everyone expects it to be a franchise worthy of the Dark Souls’ success too. We recently saw a leak claiming that we might see difficulty getting some tweaks in the game, which means that its development stage is in a desirable level.

Could we expect some solid news this summer? Everyone is waiting for June each year for E3 and all the new announcements. This year will be different due to the global quarantine so we can’t be sure about that anymore. We can hope though that FromSofware will get us out of our misery with a new trailer or some gameplay in the next months.

Revisiting the Elden Ring announcement trailer, you’ll notice that it does bear the Playstation 4 and Xbox One logos at the end.

This means that its release date could be somewhere during this year and the next. If the game was originally designed to be played on next-gen consoles then we wouldn’t get those logos. Or was it a trick? We can’t know for sure. For the time being, we’ll keep on waiting at the bonfire for the new piece of news to arrive.