System Shock 3 Domain Now Belongs To Tencent

It feels like an eon since the last time we had news about System Shock 3 and the last thing we expect is its name being tied to Tencent. The Chinese giant appears to own the domains for both System Shock 3 and 4. Does this mean we’ll see the project moving a bit faster now?

The last time we had news about System Shock 3 was back in August of last year. Back then, OtherSide Entertainment released a teaser trailer. Developer Warren Spector took the stage at Unity’s Game Developers Conference event (GDC 2019) in San Francisco to give us a look at the game’s early footage and to confirm that it’s being built on the Unity engine. Now, VGC reveals that both System Shock 3 and 4 domains are under the ownership of Tencent.

We don’t know if this means that the giant acquired the rights for the game from Otherside Entertainment. The developers were indeed looking for investors last year, with publishing opportunities being on the table. Undeniably, having a publisher means the world for an iconic game like SS3. The fact there’s a System Shock 4 domain too, means that the studio is fully invested in the franchise.

At this point, we’re happy to see that the project isn’t over. System Shock is one of the most loved old-school franchises.

Given its predecessors’ success, it’s not impossible for Tencent to be showing interest in System Shock 3. The company owns a percentage of Epic Games, Bluehole, and Ubisoft amongst others. In addition, Tencent fully owns Riot Games, the company behind League of Legends and Valorant.

As it seems, the continuation of the System Shock saga falls in the hands of a giant now. We might be looking at a next-gen title. This will be the best-case scenario since developers envision it being a visual masterpiece.

Let’s hope for more news soon. Nightdive Studios has also announced that they’re currently working on a System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition. One more thing to look forward to.