No New Titanfall Means Quick Jedi Fallen Order 2 Release?

Respawn Entertainment has recently revealed that there will be no new Titanfall title in the years to come. This brings new opportunities into the spotlight, with a Jedi Fallen Order 2 release being the brightest one of all. Will the absence of the Titanfall franchise give Fallen Order a quicker launch or will the studio slow down in the near future?

Taking things from the start, Respawn low-key confirmed that there will be a Jedi Fallen Order 2 release, as part of a bigger franchise. The news comes from a recent earnings call for Electronic Arts.

That, in addition to the fact that the studio has no plans of adding a new title to the Titanfall franchise, sets the stage for a brand new project to start gaining some momentum. We don’t know for sure if a new Fallen Order is a thing to look forward to right now, there are a couple of indications why it might be though.

For starters, we have Respawn Entertainment job listings for its Star Wars team popping up. The studio is looking for people to bring the franchise to a whole new level.

The listings don’t use keywords like “tight schedule”, “time pressure” and “deadlines” that prove the existence of urgency in the project, the timing is right though. The first title was a major success and we’d love to see it make a grand opening on next-gen consoles.

A recent report on Kotaku also made some unofficial statements for the release of Jedi Fallen Order 2, claiming it is already in development. In addition, the game will reportedly release in fall 2022. This is a long way ahead.

However, if the studio isn’t working on anything new, it could be as soon as late next year. For the time being, all listings point to Apex Legends and Star Wars to be the center of attention for Respawn. It will be interesting to see if the studio will indeed push the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2 release to be sooner than we expect.