Elden Ring Difficulty Gets Tweaked After Player Feedback Says Leak

Difficulty wise, when it comes to From Software, we know that every game they make is going to be a big challenge. That’s mostly why when Elden Ring got announced, souls-like fans found a new spark. A recent insider report claims that Elden Ring’s difficulty is getting a few tweaks after its testing playthroughs. Is this a bad or a good thing?

The report comes from FromSoftware insider, Omnipotent on Resetera. The user claims that the development team won’t hold back from making changes to Elden Ring’s difficulty.

This statement comes after a discussion about some previous bosses in Dark Souls being extremely hard. He specifically refers to the Angels in The Ringed City DLC of Dark Souls 3. From Software had to nerf them in order for players to be able to proceed in the game. After that, it became apparent that From Software isn’t a studio that makes incredibly hard fights just to mess with us. They are willing to tweak things for the greater good.

What we still don’t know is whether or not those potential changes in the Elden Ring difficulty are supposed to make the game easier or harder. The leaker made it clear that his statement is more of an opinion than an internal statement. Whatever the case, being an insider some times means that you know the developers’ ethics and that might be the case here too.

As far as we know, Elden Ring has no release date, although most expect it to launch this year. Its platforms will be Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. There is no clear indication of whether or not it will launch on next-gen consoles too.

A recent leak brings a huge amount of unconfirmed information to the light. Most of them, we’d really love to see in the game when it releases. At this point, we’ll be happy with anything From Software shows us.