Destiny 2 The Lie Quest Bug, Is there a Fix?

Destiny 2’s fanbase is outraged about an unforeseen bug related to “The Lie” quest. Bungie intends to launch a background maintenance today, probably in hopes of solving this issue. What can you do for the time being?

The Lie is a new quest in Destiny 2, with players going the extra mile to finish it since last week. Many don’t go past the first step due to a bug that redirects you to a different part of the quest. More specifically, instead of respawning you at the start of the quest step, you get thrown new vendor Eris Morn. Bungie is looking into The Lie bug in Destiny 2 as we speak, although e solid fix isn’t present right now.

The developers intend to conduct background maintenance with no server downtime in the game. It might or might not solve the bug itself. Destiny 2’s community manager has announced the maintenance on Twitter stating that “the team is actively investigating The Lie Quest”. It’s only natural for players to be angry at this point. Bugs like this are what make people sway off games. The fact that it takes almost 24 hours to address this issue isn’t making the matter any better.

What can you do until a solution is provided through a new patch? Absolutely nothing. If you find your quest bugged then you should find another quest to complete for now. Bungie will conduct maintenance and hopefully have a solid fix in the new hours.

The fact that Felwinter’s Lie, the legendary shotgun award from this quest is a powerful weapon to add to your arsenal, is another reason why everyone is so impatient. Some even wonder, does the quest’s name, “The Lie”, means that it might be a huge Destiny 2 easter egg instead of a bug? We’ll have to wait a bit more to find out. If this is so, it might be the biggest elaborate prank the studio has ever played on us.